Fall 2021 Courses

What's coming up for the Fall 2021 semester ... something NEW and something tried and true!

MATH 185 - Methods in Modern Modeling

A brand new course I have developed in which we will explore explore current models and techniques which are used across multiple disciplines.

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Models are applied on a daily basis to provide insight into any number of current world problems. From diseases to government policy, modeling techniques are being used to predict outcomes and manage populations. With the advent of more computational power and data collection, novel model types and techniques for analysis are being derived. We will explore current models and techniques which are used across multiple disciplines. We will consider agent-based (or individual-based) modeling, and ordinary differential equation models with parameter estimation, along with additional topics. Students will have a chance to investigate using analytical and computational skills, that can be applied across a diversity of fields.

Some gifs of agent-based models.

Parameter Estimation for an Ordinary Differential Equation model.

To the right is total population data from Ghana which is fit using a linear regression, after regression analysis.

To the right is data on the number of monthly cases of Buruli Ulcers which occurred in Ghana. The data was used to estimate parameters for an ordinary differential equation using a least-squares technique implemented in MATLAB.

We will explore these as well as additional models, techniques, and applications!

MATH 032 - Calculus III

For my Spring 2021 Syllabus Click Here, note that Spring 2021 was a completely remote semester.

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This is the third course of a standard three-course sequence in calculus. The course covers calculus of multivariable and vector-valued functions. Topics include partial derivatives, the gradient, Lagrange multipliers, multiple integrals, change of variables, parameterized curves and surfaces, vector fields, line integrals, flux integrals, Green’s Theorem, the Divergence Theorem, and Stokes’ Theorem.