Fall 2022 Courses

What's coming up for the Fall 2022 semester!

MATH 183 - Modeling and Simulation

Modeling and Simulation is an introduction to mathematical models with deterministic and stochastic dynamics in both discrete and continuous time. For instance, we will apply concepts from differential equations and linear algebra to develop models to examine questions across a variety of disciplines. Additionally, we will talk about which type of model is most appropriate in each case.

For each model we study, students will learn mathematical analysis and numerical simulations for these models. Programming is not a prerequisite for the course. We will be primarily learning to code in MATLAB and Python, but other languages like R are encouraged and used for examples. Additionally, we will position mathematical modeling in relation to data science and statistics.

Through class projects, students will develop as project managers while working on their collaboration skills. The projects build on the models from class, requiring mathematical analysis and computation. At the end of the course, each student will develop a final research project based on their interests.

The prerequisite is set as differential equations OR permission from the instructor. If you haven’t had differential equations, please just reach out to me with questions.

Questions? Ask Me!

Course Catalogue Description:

This course is an introduction to mathematical models with deterministic and stochastic dynamics and with discrete and continuous time. Students will learn the mathematical analysis and numerical simulations for these models, and then present their results in both written and verbal forms. The models will be applied to various applications.

CORE III - Histories of the Present - Living in a World of Numbers

Course Catalogue Description:

In an age when we are bombarded with numbers, it is important to explore what stories are being told and how the numbers we observe are being formulated. We will investigate the interdisciplinary nature of dealing with numbers, considering a variety of disciplines and applications to life. Topics we will explore include social justice, journalism, disease outbreaks, politics, and more.

Students will be encouraged to choose a field which interests them, then explore the field's use of numbers to communicate findings. Together we will examine various uses of numbers, looking for similarities and differences. Students will learn some basic analysis tools used across many disciplines, allowing students to understand presented results. Additionally, students will learn about different basic methods to create their own numbers, models, and analyses. With these skills students will then formulate their own findings, creating their own interdisciplinary work.

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