Spring 2024 Courses

What's coming up for the Spring 2024 semester!

Differential Equations and Modeling
Methods in Modern Modeling
A Semester of Modeling!

Check out the Spring 2024 courses, updates coming to both!

Math 102 - Differential Equations and Modeling

Course Catalogue Description:

In this course we will introduce some basic models including Lotka-Volterra (Predator-Prey) models, as well as some standard modeling techniques. The emphasis in the course will be placed on qualitative methods and the use of software to understand solutions. Eigenvalues and eigenvectors will be introduced to fully solve linear systems in the plane. Linear and non-linear systems of differential equations will be analyzed by classifying orbits near fixed-point solutions. Students may not receive credit for both MATH 102 and MATH 111.

Math 185 - Calculus III

Course Catalogue Description:

Models are applied on a daily basis to provide insight into any number of current world problems. From diseases to government policy, modeling techniques are being used to predict outcomes and manage populations. With the advent of more computational power and data collection, novel model types and techniques for analysis are being derived. We will explore current models and techniques which are used across multiple disciplines. We will consider agent-based (or individual-based) modeling and differential equation models in higher dimensions, along with additional topics. Students will have a chance to investigate a problem of their choosing using analytical and computational skills, that can be applied across a diversity of fields.