What happens when the mathematical music stops...or at least pauses.


I am very fortunate to travel during my mathematical career these pictures are during a trip to Tanzania (2017) and Namibia (2015) through the MASI program.

Album of Evey

I am one of Evey's humans.

She was born in Tennessee (Fall 2018) and made the trip to Claremont CA, enjoying beach access.

Currently, she can be seen on zoom meetings, and looks forward to visiting the campus again.

Her favorite treats include broccoli, romaine lettuce, and whatever happens to be in the treat bag.

Exploring Local

Downtown West Covina

SS Dominator Shipwreck Hike

Huntington Dog Beach

Mt. Baldy

Wilderness Park Claremont

Lake Arrowhead

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Chino Hills

Minature Golf in Anaheim

San Diego

Books, Movies, and Music ... Oh My!

This section changes rapidly, so please come discuss with me either to find out my choices or share your own.

I will say that I love to read for fun, and tend to bounce around between classics from my childhood, to new finds on adventure and the supernatural.

For movies I enjoy a wide range, the MARVEL movies have been recent favorites along with old musicals and action/comedy movies.

My musical choices reflect my mood, sometimes being musical soundtracks, 1960's classics, or something just released on Spotify.


When I can, I like to go hiking, camping, visit the beach, and generally explore the area. I am still learning about the southern California region so tips and insight are welcome!

Additionally, I enjoy group sports. Activities for me have ranged from being a Track and Field thrower during my time as an undergraduate at Willamette University to playing on intramural teams and pick-up sand volleyball games. Below are some pictures from my time with roller derby in graduate school.

As a graduate student I played roller derby for the NO COAST ROLLER DERBY in Lincoln, Nebraska from 2014-2016. I still enjoy the sport and skating around.

All the header pictures on the various pages where taken during my various travels and adventures.