Recommendation Letters

What adventure are we off on next?

Applying for something and need a letter of recommendation, let's chat!

Whether is it a job, summer experience, scholarship, graduate school, or some other opportunity let me know if you are considering me as a reference or letter writer.

The sooner you tell me, the better, so if we just finished a class and you think you might ask me later, go ahead and give me a heads up.

You likely know I enjoy chatting, so I will probably want to set up a time for us to sit down and discuss.

The more information you give me, the easier it is for me to write a letter that will help you succeed, so the following is a guideline for letters of recommendation. Feel free to use this with your other letter writers!

What you should email me after our initial conversation:

If I have agreed to write a recommendation for you, please provide me with as much of the following as possible:

  • an unofficial copy of your transcript,

  • a copy of your personal statement (if applicable), and

  • all necessary forms

Furthermore, at least two weeks before the first letter is due, e-mail me your answers to the following questions (the more details the better):

Please send me e-mail reminder(s) as deadlines approach, and feel free to chat with me about other ways you can make the letter-writing process go as smoothly as possible for you and your letter writers.

Good Luck!

This form is based on forms from Prof. Hardin and Prof. Orrison