Fall 2024 Courses

What's coming up for the Fall 2024 semester!

M32 Calculus III
M183 Modeling and Simulation

Math 32 - Calculus III

Course Catalogue Description:
This is the third course of a standard three-course sequence in calculus. The course covers calculus of multivariable and vector-valued functions. Topics include partial derivatives, the gradient, Lagrange multipliers, multiple integrals, change of variables, parameterized curves and surfaces, vector fields, line integrals, flux integrals, Green’s Theorem, the Divergence Theorem, and Stokes’ Theorem.

Math 183 - Modeling and Simulation

Math 183 Modeling and Simulation focuses on introducing mathematical modeling with classical models: discrete time (difference equations, matrix modeling) then adding in stochasticity (Markov Chains), and eventually to continuous time (ODE) with as mentioned deterministic and stochastic dynamics. During the course we blend learning mathematical analysis for these topics and implementing numerical simulations. We also introduce data, and discuss the ethics associated with data analysis. Part of the course is also working on developing models, from using the literature and then communicating findings through oral presentations and written reports.

Course Catalogue Description:

This course is an introduction to mathematical models with deterministic and stochastic dynamics and with discrete and continuous time. Students will learn the mathematical analysis and numerical simulations for these models, and then present their results in both written and verbal forms. The models will be applied to various applications.